Welcome To Roofguard™
Restorations, Heat Reflective Decorative Roof Coatings
Roofguard™ is a 100% locally owned and operated family business established in 1982 servicing Townsville and surrounding areas. Roofguard™ Roof Painting has the experience and accreditation to restore, beautify and cool any residential or commercial roof with a range of specially formulated heat reflective coatings and roof paints. 

We have a wide range of colours available to give your home an incredible finish while protecting your roof and cooling your home. 

Roofguard™'s four pillars of strength

  • Highest TSR (Total Solar Reflectivity) meaning the highest scientifically proven heat reduction available in any roof coating
  • Specifically formulated heavy duty industrial film membrane coating for longevity, durability and ultra long term protection for all types of roofs
  • A legally backed 10 year warranty offered by a credible manufacturer and applicator
  • More proven local experience in the field of roof restoration and protective coatings than any other competitor

What are the benefits of painting your roof?

1. Drastically reduce internal ambient temperature and save on electricity cost 
2. Protect your roof against moisture penetration
3. Extend the life of your roof, your homes most important asset
4. Beautify your roof and home with a stunning and professional finish at the fraction of the cost of roof replacement

Quality materials and professional application

Using the highest quality heat reflective paints, we offer fantastic service, superior finish and quality at an excellent price. 
Roofguard™ is a licenced and registered polyurethane coatings applicator, having completed factory training on the full range of German polyurethane and Dulux roof paint products. Through our partnership with the manufacturers, we are able to offer our customers a fully documented 10 year warranty on our work. No other competitor can trust their product with a long standing legal document. Read more on the FAQ page. 
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